U.S. women’s soccer team choked

July 18, 2011 1 comment
I just wanted to touch on the U.S. women’s championship game in the World Cup. It’s a little disturbing
to me the kid gloves the team is being handled with after twice blowing a one goal lead with only
minutes remaining, let alone the Keystone Kops routine they pulled in the penalty kicks. If the U.S.
men had done what the women’s team just did, they would be getting crucified. Lets call it what it
was—team U.S. choked, big time. I don’t like the double standard.
Giving up the tieing goal twice was bad enough. But the penalty kicks were just flat out
embarrassing. I am not a soccer expert by any stretch, but for three of our “best” players to all miss
penalty kicks in what appears to be simply being able to hit a barn door with a soccer ball from a few
yards away to start the process is unheard of—not to mention Carli Lloyd kicking her attempt into the
second deck of the stadium. That was dreadful.
If we are going to treat women’s sports as more than a novelty act and on a level field with men’s
sports, which is what we claim we want to do, we have to tell it straight. This team choked and took
away three hours of my life that I want back.
So many people aren't saying this is a choke, that we should just be happy the team made the final.
But the U.S. women were ranked No. 1, were bigger, faster, stronger, gave up a one goal lead twice
and then fell apart in the penalty kick portion of the competition. If that's not choking,
I don't know what is.
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Courthouse looking good

I just got done touring the Custer County Courthouse and it’s looking great. Lili Momeyer of the planning department took me on a tour, and the upstairs is almost complete. They expect to have some offices moved upstairs by the middle of July. The offices are much more spacious. I think both the employees and the general public are going to like this courthouse much better than the bomb shelter of a courthouse we have had since the 1970s. When the top section opens up next month, be sure to go check it out. It’s quite impressive. Kudos to project director David Green and all those involved with seeing the project through. It’s really starting to take shape!

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Dallas wins!

How great was it to see the Dallas Mavericks defeat LeSidekick James and the Miami Heat last night? It was nice to see good triumph over evil. I feel very good for Jason Kidd, who finally got a championship ring, as well as Dirk Nowitzki, who shed his label of being “soft” and collected finals MVP. He didn’t have the best shooting night, but he did make some baskets when it counted, in the fourth quarter, something LeSidekick couldn’t do all series long. It was nice to see the easy way out didn’t get LeSidekick a championship. He better take his talents back to South Beach for the summer and find his game.

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